A Malta Vacation Proposal

by Mojan
(Toronto, Canada)

The Island of Comino

The Island of Comino

I had heard very little about the Island of Malta. So, when I met my current fiance, who happens to be Maltese, the first thing he did was take me on a beautiful trip to see where he came from.

I was amazed to learn about the complex history that Malta has, given it's small size. We were told that the best place to get a history lesson on Malta was to go to the "Malta Experience". It truly was very informative and interesting to watch. A good recommendation for anyone who would like to know the history behind all of the sites and sounds of Malta.

We would spend our mornings roaming through the streets of Valletta. When we got tired and hot, we would go down to the ocean for a quick, refreshing dip. Snorkeling is a must since there is an abundance of beautiful fish and other ocean life worth exploring.

The St. Julian area is a great place to spend the evening. There are some wonderful restaurants overlooking the water, and one in particular, St. Guiliano's seafood restaurant made an impression. Not only did it have a breathtaking view and tasteful dishes, but it was the place where I was proposed to.

The following weekend, we made a trip to the Island of Comino, where the film "Count of Monte Cristo" was filmed. The island is host to the Blue Lagoon which has the clearest of waters. The hotel was quaint. The price included buffet breakfast and dinner and the food was pretty good.

At night time, you feel secluded on the island, as the only sound you hear is the waves crashing on to the shore and the only thing you see are the twinkling stars above.

A tour of Gozo should not be passed by. There are a great many tour companies that will take you around the island to all the sites including "Rambla Beach", famous for it's red sand.

We are going down again this year to celebrate our wedding with those who are dear and near to us. We will be sharing the Malta Experience with all of our family and friends who are coming to visit Malta.

Now I know why all the great leaders of the world wanted a piece of Malta. It is by far one of the most captivating islands in the Mediterranean.

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