Comino Bungalows Malta
A Peaceful & Very Relaxing Getaway

The peace and tranquility surrounding the Comino bungalows on the Island of Comino will have you feeling relaxed, refreshed and stress free in no time.

You will arrive by ferry and check in at the Comino Hotel and then a courtesy bus (the only vehicles on the island) will take you to your bungalow.

Comino bungalows Malta

This is such a relaxing, quiet getaway (much quieter than the Comino Hotel) where you can:

  • relax by the pool or bar,
  • snorkel or swim in the crystal clear water
  • fall asleep reading a book on one of the deck chairs,
  • or

  • take a walk and explore the island

And if you want to go to the Hotel for the day, simply telephone and a courtesy bus will be sent to pick you up.

The Comino Hotel is also where you will have dinner every night during your stay, and there is usually some sort of entertainment Friday and Saturday nights.

Comino Bungalows

The bungalows could do with a refurbishment but they are neat and clean.

And they are located on one of the nicest spots on Comino Island Malta...

Aside from the Blue Lagoon of course.

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