Beautiful Comino Island Malta

Nestled between Malta and Gozo you will find the small but beautiful Comino Island.

If you love the outdoors you'll love this mostly uninhabited island.

You won't find any high-rise buildings or cars here. In fact, there are only 3 people who live on this tiny island.

But it's also home to one of the most popular tourist attractions, the Blue Lagoon pictured below, so it gets very busy in summer as you can imagine.

Comino Island

Things To Do

Comino may be small, but there is no shortage of things to see and do.

You can:

  • swim, snorkel or dive the caves and creeks until your feet cramp or you look like a prune;
  • try your hand at sailing, windsurfing or waterskiing;
  • take a boat trip, go canoeing or paddle boating;
  • go for a walk around the island and take in the magnificent views; or
  • stop for a picnic and go for a swim off the rocks at one of the islands secluded spots.

And lets not forget the most popular spot of all…

The Blue Lagoon with it's gorgeous turquoise blue waters will take your breath away.

It is definitely one of our favourite spots on the Maltese Islands.

Comino Island Hotel Malta

Accommodation Options On Comino Island

If you'd like to stay on the island for a few days or a few weeks, there are a couple of options available.

  • There is the Comino Hotel which has a pool right alongside the sea and a sandy beach close by where you can try out a range of watersports.
  • There are also the Comino bungalows that are owned by the hotel which are in a quieter spot a bit further away.
  • And if you're into camping, there is a great little camping ground near the bungalows, but you'll have to organise a permit from Gozo Island first.

If you are staying at either the hotel or bungalows, you can get one of the ferries owned by the hotel in the morning or afternoon from Malta or Gozo for about 5 euros per person return.

Comino Hotel Ferry Malta

It's a great little escape in summer but both the hotel and bungalows are closed during winter.

And if you just want to go for the day, there are a number of ferries and cruises that operate from Malta and Gozo.

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