Easter In Malta

The Maltese people are very religious and Easter in Malta is something very special as you will see from these photos. We certainly hadn't witnessed anything remotely like this anywhere.

All over Malta different villages have their own processions that portray scenes from the Passion and the Crucifixion. One of the biggest on the island is the Good Friday procession at Zebugg.

These photos are all taken at that procession and, as you can see, the costumes are very authentic and expensive.

The life-sized statues that are carried through the centre of town are very heavy as you can imagine and are carried by up to 10 men. This is a huge part of the Maltese culture and tradition.

Everyone who participates in the procession or carries one of the statues considers it a great honor.

The atmosphere is unbelievable. It really takes you back to those times and it's something you just can't explain; you need to witness it for yourself, whether you're religious or not.

Easter Photos Malta

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