Hagar Qim Megalithic Temples

The Hagar Qim Megalithic Temples are said to be amongst the most ancient religious sites in the world.

In fact, Professor of Prehistoric European archaeology, Vere Gordon Childe, said:

    "I have been visiting the prehistoric ruins all round the Mediterranean, from Mesopatamia to Egypt, Greece and Switzerland, but I have nowhere seen a place as old as this one."

In 1992 these temples and 4 other Maltese ancient sites were listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

These ancient structures had been buried for thousands of years prior to their excavation in 1839-40 but when the importance of these sites was realized a Scientific Committee for the Conservation of the Megalithic Temples was appointed.

These temples are now protected by shelters because of the harsh environmental conditions and to prevent any further deterioration.

One of the stones here is said to weigh around 57 tons and is almost 6 metres long. It makes you wonder how on earth they managed to move them around.

But there are a number of rounded stones in the east remains which may have been originally used as rollers for moving them.

You might also like to check out the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta where you can see the "fat ladies", as they are commonly known, on display.

They were found buried beneath a rectangular stone in 1949 during restoration work.

Mnajdra Temples

About 500 metres further down towards the coast you will find the Mnajdra megalithic temples.

It's a beautiful walk and easily accessible.

These are truly architectural masterpieces that have to be seen to be believed.

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