Malta Island
Simply Mediterranean Magic!

If you're like a lot of people who have never heard of Malta Island or don't know where it is, sit back, relax and discover why this beautiful Mediterranean Island should be on your vacation to-do-list.

So where is Malta exactly?

Well it's only a tiny spec in the heart of the Mediterranean -- just over 300 square kilometres in fact -- but it's one of the most densely populated European countries.

where is Malta

The population of Malta is about 400,000 but there are actually more Maltese people living outside of Malta than there are living on the island.

The Island of Malta is about 93 kilometres south of Sicily, Italy and north-east of Tunisia, smack bang in the middle of the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The Maltese flag marks the spot on the map to the right.

The Island of Malta is the largest of three islands making up the Maltese Archipelago.

The other two islands are Gozo which is smaller and more laid back, and Comino which is the smallest island, but you can't see them from this image.

There are some great photos of the Maltese Islands in our photo gallery.

Malta Island Culture and History

Religion is a big part of the Maltese culture which is evident in the amount of churches on the islands. In fact, it is said there is a church for every day of the year!

If you're here around Easter the processions will amaze you, and there are religious feasts or festas in every village all through the summer months.

There are also a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the island of Malta like:

And don't forget to visit Mdina or the Silent City as it is also known which will transport you back to another time. The medieval fortifications and stunning views are a must see for everyone visiting the Island of Malta.

Things To See And Do On Malta Island

There are a range of different tours available and if you're a diving enthusiast, the Islands of Malta are said to have some of the best dive sites in the world.

And there are lots of other attractions that cater for the whole family.

The night life in Malta is great too with an abundance of restaurants, clubs, bars and pubs. Paceville near St Julians is Malta's night life hot spot, especially for the younger crowd.

Of course a drive around the Island of Malta will impress too.

Malta Island fishing boats

You won't want to miss:

Of course no visit would be complete without a cruise around Grand Harbour and a ferry ride over to explore the scenic beauty of Gozo Island.

There are many different accommodation options available too.

As far as destinations and great holidays go, it doesn't get much better than this!

And if you're one of the many Maltese people now living in a different country, maybe it's time you came back to rediscover this beautiful island of yours.

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