The Malta Marathon

If you like running the Malta Marathon takes place every year, usually on the last Sunday in February. In it's 25th year, it is the biggest athletic event on the island, attracting over 1400 runners from all over the world.

It starts at the gates of the old Malta capital, the medieval city of Mdina, at 8am. The marathon distance of 42km takes runners through some of Malta's beautiful countryside and villages and finishes at the waterfront in Sliema.

running a marathon

If running a marathon of 42 km is a bit ambitious for you, there is also a half marathon that kicks off at 10am.

And this year they have also introduced a new event, the Malta Walkathon that may be more to your liking.

It covers the same distance (21 km) and follows the same route as the half marathon.

The walking marathon starts at 9am, one hour after the main marathon.

The 2010 Marathon was held on Sunday, 28th February and even though it was the middle of winter, participants couldn't have asked for a better day.

Congratulations to El Barouki and El Felhi who were officially awarded first and second place respectively in the 2010 Marathon.

walking marathon

The next marathon, half marathon and walkathon will be held on 27th February 2011.

If you would like more information on this event please click here

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