Medieval Mdina Malta
Original Fortified Capital City of Malta

From the moment you walk through the gates in Mdina Malta, you'll feel like you've been transported back to medieval times.

In fact, its origins can be traced back more than 4000 years.

This ancient walled city with its narrow streets and baroque style architecture is also known as the "Silent City".

It is the old capital of Malta and has spectacular views over the islands.

Mdina Malta

Mdina Malta History

There is a lot to see and experience here and I would highly recommend The Mdina Experience as a starting point.

It is a short film, about 25 minutes, that will take you on a journey through time on the history of Malta -- from the Phoenicians who were the first to settle in Mdina to The Knights of Malta and beyond.

There is also the historic gunpowder vaults within the battlements that has dramatic recreations of The Knights of Malta and soldiers in battle. Some look so real you expect to see them breathing!

Just a couple of doors down you'll find a great little cafe that serves Maltese food and wine, so if you're hungry you might want to stop there for a bite to eat.

By the way, this building was originally stables of the Knights.

Knights of Malta

There are also a number of other restaurants and cafe's you can check out tucked away in the narrow alleyways.

The Mdina Cathedral is well worth seeing. The original cathedral dated back to the 13th century but after an earthquake in 1693 it was redesigned by Lorenzo Gafa, a well-known Maltese architect, and rebuilt in baroque style. It houses several paintings by Mattia Preti.

The Cathedral Museum is in a baroque palace and it also has various works of art, manuscripts and other treasures salvaged from the original cathedral after the earthquake.

Then there's the Museum of Natural History which is in an 18th century palace built by Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena.

And don't forget to check out the dungeons, complete with the torture machines they used during this period.

There are about 400 people who live in this unique walled city and there are several palaces that are now private homes.

And if you'd like to experience a few days in this Silent City, there are a number of Mdina hotels to suit any budget.

Rabat is the suburb just outside Mdina and in Roman times they were one city. Today Rabat is the commercial hub within the centre of Malta where you will find churches, Roman remains and catacombs as well as plenty of bars and shops.

Whether you're into history or not, this ancient walled city of Mdina Malta is definitely a unique experience not to be missed.

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