Popeye Village Malta
A Great Fun Day!

Popeye Village at beautiful Anchor Bay in Malta is a great fun day for kids of all ages.

It is also known as Sweethaven Village and it's the original film set of the 1980's movie Popeye starring Robin Williams.

Popeye Village

The natural bay and high cliffs that surround the village was exactly what the producer was looking for as he searched the world for a set location.

You're guaranteed to get some great photos, especially on the road at the top overlooking beautiful Anchor Bay.

Once inside you'll meet Popeye and Olive Oyl (pictured below), as well as other characters that roam around the village.

Olive Oyl I guarantee the kids will have an absolute ball.

Is there a child anywhere that doesn't like to dress up and play make believe?

Well here the kids can do just that, and adults too...

And actually be part of a film with Popeye.

Popeye at Popeye Village

It's absolutely hilarious and of course if there's little ones involved they always steal the show.

You can watch the film later but be warned...

You probably won't get to hear much with the roar of laughter from all the kids.

You can always buy a copy of the film as a keepsake though.

There are also water trampolines and boat rides in summer.

That's June to September.

And even a pool and slides for the kids to cool off in.

For the younger children there is a small fun park complete with rides, as well as Santa's toy exhibition.

This is guaranteed to keep kids of all ages amused, at least for a while.

You'll also find filigree making exhibitions, gift shops and eateries as well as wine tasting.

Popeye Village is located north of Malta Island near Mellieha Bay.

Click here for further details on how to get there, seasonal programmes and packages

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